トラベリング ポーポキ   Traveling Popoki! 


Where will you find peace? What kind will it be?

This sunset view is my hometown, Hamada city, Shimane prefecture. I love this sea view which is related to lots of memories of my father who has gone, or my teenage days. It makes me feel relieved when I back to my hometown and see it. That seems to be peace.


平和とは、国を越えて皆んなでダンスして楽しみ合うこと。(このダンスは、モロッコ・ウジダ市特有のものです。ウジダの先住民が他国からの侵略に対して戦ったという歴史をダンスで表しています。) Peace is being able to enjoy dancing together, regardless of your country. (This is a dance unique to Oujda, Morocco. The dance expresses the way the indigenous people of Oujda resisted foreign invasions).  

2023.6  みしょにゃん・Missionyan 

Visiting beautiful places where both locals and tourist can freely enjoy. 


(写真:Popoki at Niagra Falls ・ナイアガラ滝でポーポキ)

2023.6  Crystal nyan・クリスタルにゃん  

東京ビッグサイトに集まる人々がパンデミックの終わりを映し出しています。People gathering at Tokyo Big Sight reflects the end of a pandemic. 

2023.5  まつ (Matsu) 

癒しと学びの場をありがとう!Thank you Suma Aqualife Park KOBE for giving us a place to heal and learn!

2023.5  ささにゃん(Sasanyan) 


Cherry blossoms, joining the past with the future. We'll always be together.

2023.3 さとにゃん&ロにゃん・Satonyan & Ronyan@Kobe


Buildings everywhere. Is that peace?

2023.3 さとにゃん&ろにゃん・Satonyan & Ronyan@Kobe